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Now That's What I Call Coaching 15 - There's Value in Value

Sleeve Notes

I'm often asked, why is your coaching so cheap?. That's the last time I will use that word, as that's not what my coaching is about.

I have spent most of my career working for organisations. I have learnt a lot about myself and others along the way which I'm hugely grateful for.

Twenty plus years of coaching and developing people of all ages and backgrounds has been the most fulfilling and rewarding part of my professional life.

Having taken a redundancy package from my last employer in 2021 I decided the time was right to set up on my own, doing what I enjoy most and do best.

My coaching ethos - 121 VALUE Coaching should be accessible to and experienced by as many individuals as possible where the Coach (that's me, hopefully!) offers their best VALUE to the client, irrespective of what's being charged.

Value Playlist (Beware a bit of trumpet blowing...well why not?!)

  • My priority is Coaching you, not charging you the earth!

  • Yes, I'm a business, a value for money business.

  • I'm not afraid to charge less because for me it's the right thing to do and I know my 'worth'.

  • When you are given a second chance at life, some things become less/more important.

  • There are no awkward conversations about price. It's there for all to see.

  • I would love you to commit to coaching, but there is no pressure and no sales pitch. My role is to help you decide if coaching is right for you now and I'm the right coach for you.

  • Apart from the information on my website, the best way to find out if coaching is going to work for you is to get in touch. A small amount of your time at the great value price of...FREE!

The Download

What you'll get from me is the tailor made coaching I have always offered my clients.

Value does not mean compromise, less passion or commitment.

Value to me means offering coaching expertise and humanity. Collaborating on what's really important to you right now, cutting through the things that are getting in the way, before helping you find solutions to achieve your aspirations and goals.

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