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Why do I need a Coach?

Because you want someone who will truly listen to you and ask the questions that will help you to achieve your plans and goals. Both of us managing your progress and accountability will keep you focused on your end goal. As your Coach I will remind you from our conversations what you do well, so you can capitalise on these strengths in the future. And importantly, my role is to help you sustain your motivation throughout, even if things become challenging and tough.

Can I speak to you first before committing?

Of course! You need to know if I am the right Coach for you and whether I can support you with your goals. It can be daunting speaking to someone for the first time who you don't know, especially about something personal to you. You have my guarantee that what we discuss is confidential, without judgement and comes with no obligation to purchase coaching sessions if you don't feel we are the right fit.

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What does your
coaching involve?

You can expect targeted questioning, attentive listening, motivating, encouraging & solution based conversation. You'll be respectfully challenged where appropriate. All in service of empowering you to make informed decisions & actions to achieve your goals.

What topics can you
help me with?

Lots! Here's some suggestions. Confidence building, dealing with change, work/life balance & well being, conflict resolution, self awareness, beliefs & values, interview skills, being creative and of course...motivation!

What do I gain from your coaching?

The beauty of coaching is, I'm not the expert in your world, you are! As I'm removed from your situation, you get objectivity, non biased questioning, a different perspective & big picture thinking to help you move forward with your actions and goals & create new successes both personally & professionally.

Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely, yes. Our coaching conversations are between you and me. If you choose to share information with others, that's up to you.


What is the difference between
coaching & mentoring?

As your Coach, I will be objective & non-judgemental,  listen to you and use questioning techniques to help you find solutions to your specific needs. You then create your own action plans & we both manage progress and accountability as you achieve your goals.

A Mentor is someone you would seek out for advice on a particular topic they are experienced in. They would offer you information & suggestions based on what they think & feel.

When do I need a motivational map and what does it do?

I've used many tools in my 20 years as a coach & developer of people. For me Motivational Maps is the one that's really made the biggest positive difference in life. Are you wondering why you are not feeling motivated, or confused about where it's gone?. Maybe the things you are motivated by are clashing with the things that de-motivate you, either at work or personally?. Motivational Maps will help you understand why your motivators are not being met, what's really important to you and what actions you need to take to get back on track. I have found it especially useful with clients during times of change, conflict, improving awareness, job interviews, defining  values & well being. Among a number of searching questions, It gets you to ask yourself...What is most important to me?, What am I prepared to sacrifice? & What am I prepared to put up with?!

Will you tell me what to do?

No. The power of coaching is in the choice & control you have over your own destiny. My role is to help you get there with questions, thoughts, reflections and much more. This will empower you to make decisions that are right for you.

How much does your coaching cost?

I offer 3 tailored coaching packages that are competitively priced for the times we live in.

You'll find the detail and prices here


How many coaching sessions do I need?

That's up to you, although in my experience, four is a good amount to start seeing results. It will also depend on how successful you have been in taking actions between our coaching sessions. I will support you in measuring success, holding you to account and keeping you motivated. throughout. And remember, where you start out with your coaching topic isn't necessarily where you will end up, so I will check in with you at the start of each session to make sure the area's we are covering are still valid.

How do I know I am
making progress?

Over the course of our coaching sessions, I will check in with you regularly, making sure we measure the success of your actions so far, celebrate what's gone well , challenge what could be better and keep you accountable & focused on the things you have said you wanted to achieve. Within this there is always room for flexibility to change course if it should benefit your agreed end goals.

When will I see results?

This ball is primarily in your court. My coaching will help you to create plans & actions for future results and where useful, help you to see different perspectives than the ones already in play. Results can take time to see, especially if it involves others, which is why I recommend a number of coaching sessions to apply these actions in small steps, monitor progress at each coaching session and determine what has been effective so far (Results!).

How do I know when our coaching sessions
are finished?

We will both agree when our coaching sessions have or are coming to a natural end. My Coaching plans are designed to make sure you only have the sessions you need.

So, you're a Motivational Speaker?

I'm afraid not.

A motivational speaker motivates a group of people with, for example inspiring stories, anecdotes or a tailored message to get buy in. This talk is typically an hour or two with limited questions at the end.

I provide 121 motivational coaching where you will do most of the talking. I will support you with tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals & ultimately help you to feel more motivated to achieve them. It's a longer term investment.

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