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"You really feel that Ian has your interests at heart & can coach you to make your own decisions. He really helped me to understand and appreciate why my role at the time was such a good fit. In the past I had been trying to shoehorn myself into roles that didn't motivate me. It has really helped me since I was made redundant to recognise the type of role I need in order to feel motivated and rewarded. He is so professional & supportive with just the right amount of humour to help me achieve my goals & keep me grounded in reality!"


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"I have known Ian for over 15 years, working with him in many different environments where peoples development has been a priority. He has a very calming and reassuring approach which immediately allows people to focus on the important topics to them. His coaching skill coupled with his passion for getting the best out of people have reaped great rewards. This encourages both short & long term benefits at an individual and organisational level"


Inger B.

Funeral Celebrant & Facilitator


Richard Thomas

Centre Manager - Skern Lodge, Devon


I have known Ian for over 20 years and as a coach for over 10 years. He is the Coach I turned to for support with motivation, and empowerment strategies.  He is creative, fun and has a brilliant, rather dry sense of humour.  Ian has a very steady, calm manner and is a true listener.  He is not afraid to challenge but it is always done with empathy,  so you feel that he really cares about you.  Ian is the most honest person I know, and I trust him implicitly.  His manner and ease with coaching techniques offer a great degree of comfort, even when the subject matter may be difficult.  


Ian's motivational coaching style is very much about his client, and he is extremely self-aware so will not interrupt a client's exploration or thinking. 

He is kind, and thoughtful and because he listens and observes well, he will explore beyond the words said and tap into things that are important to unlock potential.  I have had coaching sessions with Ian. He has been clear, honest and has challenged narratives that I have made up to disguise and cover up what is really going on.  


I would not hesitate to recommend Ian as a coach.  I speak to him about anything knotty that is worrying me or if I can't figure something out and I'm ruminating about it,  I will contact him and his simple straightforward honesty and expert coaching techniques will invariably settle my mind and help me to move forward.  


Darshna M

Organisational Design Manager


Ian is a consummate professional.

During my time working with Ian his deep skills in listening, great probing and perceptive questioning helped him to get to the heart of what he had been asked to support.  He is credible, and his professional pride has seen him work and support many projects successfully, challenging me and the team in a really positive way.

He was always keen to get results and produce a plan of action - all done in the most engaging, motivational and thought provoking way.


First and foremost psychological safety is of paramount importance to Ian, he worked hard to ensure that we had a trusted and supportive working relationship as he did with all other stakeholders as well.   He is conscientious and considered in all he does and brings a welcoming creative coaching approach to his work., which supported us to all think differently about what we were doing.  Ian never compromised his authenticity and I believe, the team and the projects we worked on were stronger

because of it.  


Ian has a very curious mindset,  drawing connections from coaching conversations and playing this back to his stakeholders to ensure understanding.  He is balanced in long & short-term thinking, offering clarity and challenge when we, as a team were becoming too short-term in our thinking.


I hope you can tell from reading this testimonial that I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ian, I learned an enormous amount from him, and a miss working with him very much!


Lisa T

Learning Consultant


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