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Pricing Packages for 121 Coaching

Three Coaching Packages, Competitively Priced and tailored to help you find your own solutions!

121 Personal Coaching


Coaching Package 1


Consists of...

1 x Coaching questionnaire


To help me understand what coaching you would like from me, where you are now, where you want to be, and why you want to be there.

*1 x 30 minute starter session

(Virtual only)

  • Discuss the topics to be covered.

  • Talk through how we will work together.

  • Answer any questions you might have.

  • Create & agree our contract for future coaching sessions.(Do's & Don'ts).

2 x 60 minute Coaching sessions 

(Virtual or Face to Face**)

Designed to unpack whats most important to you and support you with how you get there, setting aims/goals/targets along the way.

1 x 30 minute review

(Virtual only)

Some reflection time for us to review what has gone well so far and what you could do differently.

1 x 60 minute Coaching session

(Virtual or Face to Face**)

Further exploration, e.g.

Feedback from ideas implemented.

New thoughts having arisen

from this process.

What's getting in the way.

Fine tuning goals & implementation. 


1 x 75 minute Coaching session

(Virtual or Face to Face**)

Final exploration and embedding.

Example questions might be...

What do you believe to be true now about the situation?

What have you done to make sure your goals are embedded?

What have you learnt about yourself during this process?

What have you let go of?

What do you want to be saying to me in a few months time?

1 x 30 minute catch up

 (3-6 months later)

(Virtual only)

To determine the level of success you've had, what is different in your life now & celebrate what you have achieved and is working well for you.

**Face to Face takes place at an agreed venue, within the radius described below.

Winter/Spring 2024

Package Price 

£275 virtual

£315 face to face**

And Breathe_edited.jpg

121 Personal Coaching

with Motivational Maps


Coaching Package 2

Consists of...

1 x Motivational Map questionnaire


A series of questions that once answered will help us to explore where your motivations lie, if they are being met in life & where there is room for growth & opportunity.

1 x 90 minute Motivational Maps session

(Virtual or Face to Face**)

Quality time to unpack your map, based on how you have (honestly!) answered the questionnaire.

What do your motivators mean for you now and how can they benefit your future if they are fully realised?

You might be a 'Searcher', maybe a 'Builder' or a 'Defender'. There are 9 key motivators in total to explore during this session and you'll think about the goals/actions you want to set yourself over the coming weeks.


2 x 60 minute coaching sessions

(Virtual or Face to Face**)

These sessions are designed to take what you have learned from your Motivational Map discussion and the goals/actions you considered setting at our last session (these may have changed of course). We will discuss your goals & actions how they are/will benefit both yourself & others around you, personally & professionally, fine tuning as appropriate. There will be plenty of time to review your actions/thoughts/feelings/feedback, reflect on what has gone well and consider what you want to do differently. 

1 x 30 minute review & wrap up

(Virtual only)

 Time to reflect on what has changed for you now your personal motivators are being realised and how you are going to keep them fully present in the coming months.

Winter/Spring 2024

Package Price

£235 virtual

£255 face to face**

One Time Coaching

Coaching Package 3

You might call this offer a form of 'Speed Coaching'.

For those times when you have an imminent situation where you are a little bit stuck, & could use some coaching support that gets to the heart of the situation

quickly, so you can get going again.

For example...

  • Preparation for an Interview.

  • A potential difficult conversation coming up.

  • Creativity for a session next week.

  • Running through ideas before a meeting.

Consists of...

*1 x 15 minute check-in


This is to make sure the topic for coaching is

suitable for 'One Time Coaching'

and what you hope to cover in the time.

(I will be realistic with what I believe we can achieve)

1 x Session up to 60 minutes


A very focused coaching session to help empower you 

in making the decisions that are right for

you and the situation in hand.

1 x Courtesy email follow up


*If after the 15 minute check-in it's agreed your topic is too big for 'one time coaching' and you don't wish to explore 121 personal coaching instead,  you will not be charged for my time.

Winter/Spring 2024

£70 Virtual only

Payment Methods Accepted - BACS Transfer, Debit/Credit Cards (Using my card reader), Cash or Cheque.

**Areas covered for Face to Face 

Addlestone, Aldershot, Ascot, Bagshot, Basingstoke, Bisley, Bracknell, Brookwood, Byfleet & New Haw, Camberley, Chavey Down, Chobham, East Horsley, Farnborough, Fleet, Frimley, Guildford, Hook, Kingston Upon Thames,  Lightwater, Normandy, Pirbright, Pyrford, Ripley, Send, Shere, Sunningdale, Walton on Thames, West Byfleet, West End Village, Weybridge, Windlesham, Winkfield, Woking, Worplesdon.

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