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Motivation & Music - Dance Yourself Dizzy!

Well, maybe not just now, you might

be in the middle of a client meeting!

There are many studies that endorse music as a great motivator

It certainly works for me. I’m fortunate to be working from home today with my chosen playlist on in the background.

How can I concentrate?…surprisingly well actually. I find it much more motivating than sitting in a silent room. My dopamines are being released to regulate my motivation and goal setting as I write!

I’ve chosen carefully...I want music in the background that will make me feel happy & keep me focused.

It’s a disco day BTW. (No guilt, just pleasure!)

I use my breaks wisely…tea, food and a dance (well, nobody’s looking, don't care if they are!)

Of course you might just want to dance in your head or in your chair. All these options work well if they are right for you, but its December and really cold, so a bit of activity keeps the circulation going and the back pains away.

Don’t get the wrong idea though, I am working hard, in fact much more productively today than without my music. The beat seems to be creating some kind of urgency too!

I will of course turn it off for the upcoming Zoom meeting, although what if we all took five minutes during the meeting to let ourselves go?? (I've seen it done, very liberating after everyone got over their initial embarrassment).

The power of the right music can help you to feel…

  • less anxious

  • less stressed

  • less distracted

  • less pain

  • more focused

  • more energised

  • more expressive

  • more creative

  • more relaxed

So if you haven’t got some playlists for work up and running on Spotify (other streaming platforms are available!), start creating some now to help your productivity & importantly your mental health.

How about songs that remind you of...

...your favourite holidays

...years of your life

...your preferred genres or style, from Classical to Garage, Rock to Easy Listening.

...being you, being happy

Before I sign off for 2022, I want to leave you with these thoughts.

We hear a lot about 'being ourselves', sometimes though we get dragged into the politics, drama or events that bring out our 'persona'(The person we think everyone else wants us to be). This maybe something we do to protect ourselves, but in the long term it only leads to mistrust by others of your authenticity.

If we can't show our true character in any given situation, there's something amiss and it's exhausting for the person putting on a show.

Music that means something to our true selves playing in the background, be it out loud or with headphones, can play a small part in reminding us of the best parts of our character and perhaps prompt us to show more of this true character rather than feeling we can't be ourselves.

Try it! - It's one of many small ways that keep me grounded and focused on 'The Real Me'

I'll talk more about 'Character' & 'Persona' in the new year with the help of a celebrity endorsement!

For now though can I take this opportunity to thank you for reading & commenting on my blogs this year and wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas.

Till 2023,


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