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Now That's What I Call Coaching 3 - Creativity

Sleeve Notes

Creativity is a key element in coaching conversations. Some clients find it easier than others. When a client is encouraged to use their imagination, suggest new ideas, create a vision of their future and dream a little, a whole world of possibilities and potential solutions can open up for them.

Side 1 - Benefits

  • Turn problems into solutions.

  • Offers us choice.

  • Reduces anxiety & stress levels.

  • Creates a mindful and relaxed state, thinking about what could be.

  • Supports greater productivity and cognitive function.   

  • Makes us feel good.

  • Encourages self expression & discovery.

  • Inspires us to create new actions & goals.

  • In coaching, gives the client an opportunity to express themselves without fear or judgement.                 

Side 2 - Tips

  • Try out things first with people you trust and in a safe environment. It will help to reduce any fears or anxieties you have about the idea and offer you an opportunity to fine tune it.

  • Keep an idea log on your mobile or written down, to maintain and cultivate inspiration.

  • Even creativity needs a deadline to make sure your vision comes to fruition. Be mindful of creating manageable/realistic timeframes for yourself.

  • When you are ready to get going with your idea/s, start journalling what happens while you are implementing them. The successes, the challenges, how you are expanding the original idea. You will be surprised how writing about what has happened each day/week will push & challenge your creative mind further.

  • Look for inspiration everywhere. Notice everything. Find environments that help you to feel inspired. It’s there for the taking.

  • A simple act of inspiration...There is a coffee shop I regularly go to write my blogs. I take my headphones, listen to music and just watch the people around me interacting. This simple act has not failed to inspire me yet and I always come away with new ideas and thoughts. I'm now taking my laptop with me as well.

  • Be yourself, the unique person you are. Do these creative actions reflect who you are and what you stand for?

  • If you are finding it tough to take your idea forward, deconstruct the idea itself into smaller parts first and while rebuilding those sections, think about what the really important components are. This should help you make the idea more robust.

  • In a project, you don’t have to be creative in a linear fashion. You might feel more inspired about the middle part of the project. Starting there could inform what your beginning looks like and get the thing going.

  • You’re doing this because you want to, it’s important to you and your heart is all in…right?

  • Assuming the above is correct, keep your inner critic at bay. The facts speak for themselves!

  • Missteps are part of the process. They help us to grow and move forward.

  • Nothing is going to be perfect and if you think it is, you’ll never realise your ideas. Better to get your creativity out there and tweak later than procrastinating about perfection.

  • While it’s good to consider your audience, your ideas should excite you! There will always be people out there that want what you have to offer.

Side 3 - Hits

  • I’ll create a poster/picture/mood board and bring to life my ideas visually.

  • I’ll listen to some other creative minds (podcasts etc) to get some inspiration when I go for a walk with my headphones.

  • I’ll put together a mind map , starting with my big idea in the middle of the page and using branches off the main idea to break down how I’m going to go about it.

  • I’ll record all my thoughts in a way that will be helpful to me.

  • I’ll collaborate with others to maximise the creativity process.

Side 4 - One Hit Wonders

“I hope this works”


What is making you doubt yourself?

How can you turn ‘hope’ into ‘This will work’?

What/Who’s support do you want?

“I’ve done my bit, the rest is up to them”



When are you going to review the new idea?

What do you want to know from others?

What are your expectations of ‘them’?

If it is ‘up to them’ how have they been empowered to move your idea forward?

“I’m not creative”


What can you do to boost your creativity?

Where can you go to boost your creativity?

Who can you talk with to boost your creativity?

The Download

We all have the ability to be creative. We just need to find a way that works for us. Challenging and stretching our creative mind is good for cognitive function, opens up opportunities for us and others and promotes a happy and healthy personal environment.

It focuses us on what can be, rather than what isn’t there!

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