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Men & their supporters - A Christmas & New Year Message for you

I'm taking a break from my 'Confessions' series until next year to offer support for other men...


Through your Wives.

Through your Husbands.

Through your Family.

Through your Partners.

Through your Friends.

Through your trusted Colleagues.

I'll only take a few minutes of your time.

Is this you?

  • I'm surrounded by people but I still feel on my own.

  • I don't know who I am outside of work.

  • Society expects me to do this.

  • I'll be letting others down if I don't demonstrate my achievements and ambition.

  • I find it hard to make personal connections with others.

  • Being vulnerable & saying how I feel is a's weak.

  • If I'm not productive, I'm not getting the most out of my time.

  • I believe I lack confidence.

  • I'm taking on lot's of commitments but losing myself in the process.

  • I don't know what makes me happy anymore.

  • I just wish someone would listen and ask about me, rather than giving advice.

  • I wish I could spend more time with my loved ones.

  • If it's not instant, I'm not interested.

  • I can't be myself.

  • I'm overwhelmed, but I can't show it.

  • I haven't got time to do the things I really want to do.

  • I hate my job.

  • I need to be in control.

Sound familiar?

These are just some of the statements I've heard from my male colleagues/friends and coachees over the years. Oh, and I've said some of them to myself too.


The thing is, none of them have served me well when I've left them to fester or believed I could deal with them all alone.

Only when I sought out coaching for myself did things start to turn around, particularly with getting balance back in my life, being honest with myself and noticing that my vulnerability leads to light bulb moments, strength and solutions that have created a positive change in my life.

Why coaching is good for men too


  • is absolutely confidential.

  • is non-judgemental.

  • is flexible.

  • is grounding and realistic.

  • is relaxed yet focused.

  • puts you in the driving seat.

  • challenges you appropriately.

  • challenges you to take action between sessions.

  • holds you accountable.

  • helps you create goals that work for you.

  • reviews your successes.

  • provides a listening ear.

  • targets questions to support your future goals.

  • gives you time to reflect.

  • is about solution driven thinking and actions.

  • gives you different perspectives.

And good for you

As an experienced Coach of many different clients and having had lots of coaching myself, I can confirm that I've learnt so much about who I really am, what I bring to the world, how I look for solutions rather than focus on problems and understand why it's never too late to learn something new about yourself.

My commitment is to have affordable, flexible & adaptable coaching. This way, more people can experience the benefits that coaching brings to their lives.

Why am I focusing on men?


In my experience in the U.K., women appear to be much more active & open to support from others, especially their peers and indeed coaches like myself.

I've coached many women in my career and as a facilitator have had a good balance of men and women in group development sessions.

I see lots of male motivational speakers, mentors and coaches on LinkedIn and the like.

What I don't see is many men talking about having had coaching themselves.

Is it something to do with gender expectations?

Of course I'm happy to be proved wrong, but I wanted to take this opportunity to bring coaching front and centre of the male mind!

Never mind the 3 wisemen, are you a wiseman?


30 minutes is all it takes, no obligation, just time to consider if coaching is right for you.

I won't be offended if you say has to be right for both of us.

I'll also send you a questionnaire if you go ahead with coaching, so I'm really clear about how I can support you.

Doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80, coaching is there to help you find the right solutions for your life.

Enjoy 2024!


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