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Confessions of a Coach Ep 5 - Blue Monday is a good day for coaching myself

It’s useful and motivational…

  • when I’m not having coaching myself.

  • when I’m not networking with other coaches.

  • in between learning from my clients. (Learning’s a two way thing)

  • when there is no one to bounce ideas off.

  • when I’ve got the ‘Monday’ blues - other days are available to me.

  • when I need a ‘new order’ to things.

‘How does it feel?’

OK today actually, although it doesn’t help when…

I look in my wardrobe and see a raft of navy, black, grey and brown clothing. A predictable palette at this time of year, certainly in a man’s wardrobe.

What happened to all those bright colours. They seem to have faded from memory, much like Summer.

If this really is a doom and gloom kinda day, then it seems ideal to do a bit of motivational coaching…on myself.

What is going to give me a boost today?

Well, I love a bit of colour and I’m not shy these days about wearing it, so some clothes rearranging seems a good place to start.

The yellows, purples, pinks, pastels… all coming forward to mix up the winter palette a bit. Which reminds me, If I’m going to mix up the colours, I will brighten up the jumper thing on my ‘Home’ page!

‘To treat me like you do’

I’m a bit concerned about having two wisdom teeth out on Thursday, so what can I say to myself to stay positive rather than pile on anxiety.

Be prepared Ian and buy -

  • Ibuprofen

  • Mashed Potato

  • Smooth Yoghurt

  • Baby Food (Yes, It’s going to help the healing process)

  • Smooth porridge oats

Oh and tell myself it’s better they are coming out before there is pain and it can all be treated in the dental surgery by a very experienced dentist.

‘Now I stand here waiting’

So I’ve done all that…still feeling good, but just in case…

I’m going to make a chicken stew as it’s a bit icy outside and a bit of comfort food goes a long way. I’ll make enough to last 3 meals in-between writing this blog.

‘Tell me now, how does it feel’

Really good actually.

It’s been an unexpected day off. I could have so easily hibernated today and embraced the sloth.

Instead by questioning myself I’ve created actions to

  • motivate me.

  • inspire me.

  • help me be creative.

  • keep my mind busy and active.

  • and most importantly, maintain my happy.

With thanks to New Order for their inspirational lyrics x

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