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Hi, I'm Ian Leamon,
a professional, experienced &
motivational Coach


Some of the people I work with...

  • Individual clients (Specialities below)

  • Charities 

  • Small Business owners

  • Individual leaders of teams

  • Those new to managing teams

  • People at the start of their working life

I specialise in the following...

  • Motivation & confidence

  • Facing into change

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Self awareness

  • Empowerment

  • Values & beliefs

  • Wellbeing

  • Life balance

  • Creativity

  • Conflict resolution

  • Career choices/Small Business set up

  • Interview Prep

"Allow yourself to accept your life moment

by moment, without judgement or the

expectation for life to be other than what it is"

Credit to 'The Book of Joy' by The Dalai Lama,

with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

and Douglas Abrams

With over two decades of getting results through coaching, I offer motivational coaching for individual clients, in a confidential environment.

I will help you to...

* Focus on your future possibilities.

* Find your own solutions.

* Create your own action plans.

* Define & achieve your goals.

* Improve your performance.

* Deepen your learning.

* Celebrate what is going well for you & others.

* See your bigger picture.

* Notice your level of motivation to create insight and action.

* Enhance your quality of life.

There are times when we can feel highly motivated and the "doing" becomes easy, but what about when we get stuck?

There are many reasons behind why we might not be motivated to start something...

fear of change

lack of confidence

potential conflict name but three. 

I will give you my full attention, listening and absorbing what you say.

Then, through targeted questioning I will help you create ideas

& solutions tailored to you.

Before you make a decision though, take a look at the services I offer and find out a bit more about me and what Coaching is (and what it isn't!) here.

You can contact me using the button below.

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